Wednesday, July 6, 2016

San Diego

Well today was eventful! We took the Coaster Old Town Dan Siego, toured around a little bit and then bought tickets to the old town trolley tour. It's one of those 'hop-on-hop-off' tours that takes you around the city's top attractions. Brian and I have done it a handful of times as its one of his favorites. In fact we often joke about how he's going to be a trolley tour driver when he retires. He's got some cheesy jokes and historical trivia all ready to go!

The first stop after Old Town was the Maritime Museum by the harbor. As often as we come to So Cal we'd never been through this museum before so we decided to try it out. It basically consists of seven ships/submarines/ferries each with unique histories. Our favorite was the Russian sub but they were all pretty cool. Then we ate lunch at San Diego's oldest seafood restaurant on the harbor. This may have been the turning point for the rest of the day.

The trolley took us to Seaport Village next. We were looking for a particular 'color changing' shirt for Michelle, and once we found  it we hopped back on the trolley. We skipped the next two stops because we wanted to get to Coronado. Plus Clara had started to complain about being tired and not feeling great, so we figured the 20 minute ride would give her a chance to rest. Coronado island is where Brian and I spent our honeymoon, and we love it there. The beach is fantastic, and the sand actually glitters with gold flecks. The history and architecture of the Hotel Del is pretty fun too. Not long after we got to the beach, Clara started saying she was really feeling sick. We found a bathroom in the hotel, but she wasn't feeling any better. On the way outside she said 'Mom I'm going to be sick and I don't know where to go.' I didn't know either! We weren't near the bathroom any more, we were in the middle of a perfectly manicured garden patio where well dressed people were having drinks and chatting. There was literally no secluded place to get to quickly. We spotted Brian and Chase, and with a look he knew what was going on. He scooped Clara up and ran her over to a garbage can in the hotel lobby. Hotel staff and guests looked sharply out of the corners of their eyes and were not happy. Luckily poor Clara was oblivious to that part. Needless to say everyone was happy when we left! 😳

Making our way back to the trolley stop took some time, as did driving around the rest of the stops to let people on and off until we finally got back to Old Town. This morning we had planned on eating dinner at one of the yummy Mexican restaurants there, but considering the circumstances we just kept moving, only pausing for Clara to be sick again. After all, we still had to take the Coaster back to Oceanside, which was a 55 minute ride. And by now Chase was feeling ill too. Luckily we spotted a trash can as we boarded the train and he ended up having to use it just minutes into the ride. Yup, that was pretty much our day. Now the plan is to keep them isolated from the cousins, just in case it wasn't the lunch that made them sick. Tomorrow is our last full day in Oceanside and we were planning on snorkeling in la Jolla cove. We'll have to see how we're doing in the morning.

PS - Turns out Grandpa was up sick last night, and two other cousins have gotten sick today too, so apparently it's wasn't our lunch.

 When we started out this morning the kids were feeling great and having fun

Brian and I have a picture in front of this ship from our honeymoon. I'm guessing we look exactly the same ;)

 The Star of India ship, built in 1863, is trying to keep up with the times.

 Chase was being so funny
These guys freaked us out as we walked around a corner and saw them unexpectedly. They're even creepier in real life.

 The periscope

 Sorry about the flash Chase
There can't be very many of these around any more. Chase and Clara were so amused. "What's that sound it's making?" Clara asked. Then I tried to explain what a dial tone was, but she just looked at me weird

 The inside of this sub was so cool!

 A perfect climbing tree at Seaport Village
 It's hard to see the glittery gold sand from this picture, but trust me, it's there
Poor sick Clara

 Coronado Beach
On the train ride home... poor kids!