Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clara the Brave

Every year we get a free family pass to Lagoon, and try to take advantage of it because there's no way we'd actually pay to take the family there! At least not while the kids are still relatively young and can only really appreciate a handful of rides. Anyway, this year we went and while we were on the sky-ride that takes you from one end of the park to the other, it stopped. Yikes! I am not terrified of heights but I really really dislike them, and if I'm forced there against my will I'm pretty close to terrified. Clara and I were sharing a car and Brian and Chase were in the car in front of us. After a few minutes of dangling there, Bri looked back at me helplessly (knowing that I was undoubtedly freaking out) and I tried not to panic in front of Clara. Nevertheless, she's pretty keen (maybe my white clenched knuckles and hyperventilating tipped her off) and said "It's OK Mom, we can sing a song if we're scared!" I looked at my thee year old, amazed, and didn't really know what to say! "We can sing the Jesus song" she said again. I eventually got a grip and started singing the 'Jesus Song' (I Am a Child of God) with her until the ride finally started up again. I'm so glad my daughter was able to keep it together when I was falling apart! She's incredible!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Five Days...

In five days Brian, Chase, and I are heading for Washington DC! It's something I've wanted to do for a long time (I was born there and lived there for twelve years before moving to AZ) and I'm SO excited! I can't wait to show Brian and Chase everything and as a result our itinerary is jam-packed. We will seriously be running our buns off the entire time - it's going to be a blast! Chase learned about DC, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the White House, etc. this year at school and really wanted to tour the White House while we were there. We signed up for a tour back in January and after being told by one Congressman that we were put on a waiting list, we just found out from another Senator (we tried every source we could) that we got it! Yay! I feel slightly guilty about leaving Clara behind, but this just isn't the type of trip she'd appreciate - yet. I have to keep telling myself that she will have much more fun here with Zack, Kylee, and her Grandmas then she would have 'not touching anything' at the Smithsonian. And when I think about trying to keep track of her (she has no fear of strangers) on the 4th of July at the Washington DC Mall, my guilt is all but gone.

Take me out to the ball game...

Chase is playing coach-pitch baseball this summer with a couple of his buddies. It's his first time playing the sport, but so far he seems to like it. He gets slightly bored when waiting for his turn to bat, and slightly more bored when his team is playing in the field but all in all I think it's a good experience for him. I always find myself wondering what he's going to really 'get into' and it's fun to watch him try out different sports and activities. So far he doesn't seem to show much of a competitive nature (no surprise considering neither Brian or I are super competitive) and I'm OK with that as long as he has fun!

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Timponogos Cave

When Steve was here last month we spent an afternoon hiking up to the Timponogos Cave. Chase, Clara, and our friend Lily were absolute troopers! I forgot how strenuous the climb is up to the caves, and it even started raining on us as we neared the top, but they made it. The inside of the caves are amazing, though wet ant cold. Chase's favorite part was the 'alligator' shaped formation that he remembered from two years ago when we hiked it last. Clara and Lily loved the 'heart' of the cave, and the yummy chocolate covered pretzels we devoured all the way back down.

Chats with Chase

Chase and Parker, running around the house using bendy straws as guns...
"Hurry! We have to get ready! The evil summer boredom is trying to get us! We must fight him with our imagination!"
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Festival!

Last year I blogged about the end-of-year dance festival which I was pathetically unprepared for. I'm happy to report that this year I made some serious progress! I showed up the night before to set out our camp chairs (mine were the first ones out!). The morning of we arrived early (uncharictaristic for me) armed with water bottles, snacks, sunscreen and my camera. I was all over it! Oh yeah, and the dance festival was super cute too. Chase's class did 'Lolli-Pop' and his favorite part was eating his huge lolli-pop prop when it was over!

Yay Steve!

We were spoiled to have Steve come stay with us for a couple weeks after he finished his PA schooling and before he started a new job working for a Cardiologist in Colorado. We got to throw him a little graduation party - and Chase acted as our waiter (he loves to role play)! We're only 6.5 hours away from Steve's new place in CO, and can't wait to see his digs. We're of course very proud of him and everything he's accomplished over the last couple years.

Lincoln's Baby Blessing

We got to see most of the DeFrancis clan for little Lincoln's Baby Blessing in May. He was so good, and handsome, and so tolerant of all of us invading his normally tranquil home for the weekend.


Spring sprung a little late this year (most of May seemed to be wet and cold) but there were a few sunny beautiful days in there too that we took full advantage of. Of course we hit the super fabulous Tulip Festival and rolled down the huge grassy hills at Thanksgiving Point. We also let Chase and Clara loose with the neighbor kids and their warm water hose for the first outdoor water fun of the year. My favorite part of May was visiting my friend Terra in Spokane, WA for a few days by myself! With her husband out of town too, we had some seriously relaxing gal pal time. And before we knew it we were at the end of the school year getting ready to kick off the summer. Hooray!