Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching up!

I've been going through some old pix and realized that there are several which haven't been posted to the family blog yet... so here they are!

This first set was from back in February when we took a (much needed) weekend trip to St. George. We always have a blast when we're there and somehow the pool seems so much more fun when there's a foot of snow back at home!

The next set of pix is from St. Patty's Day! We were visited by a tricky Leprechaun who managed to escape Chase's several traps. Even though he wasn't caught, he left behind some green treats for the kids to enjoy. One of my favorite parts of St. Patricks Day this year was watching 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People' with my kids (1959 Disney Movie). It was a staple at my house when I was young but I haven't seen it in years, so I didn't know how it would go over. I think my kids enjoyed it as much as I did though!

These pix are of the kids with a couple of their many make believe home-made costumes. The Cat in The Hat was a planned activity, the silly man masks (paper plate faces) were more of an impromptu post-dinner activity. Dress-ups are always a hit around here. I'm so happy I captured one of Clara's faces. She draws the best people and faces, and as much as I tell myself to save some of them/scan them in somewhere/take a picture of them - I never do. But now I have one! Isn't it great?

Finally... SPORTS! Chase absolutely loved Basketball again this season. So far it's the only sport out of our little rotation (soccer, baseball, soccer, basketball) that he seems to really get into. He's currently started up Spring soccer and looking forward to swim and tennis lessons (we're mixing it up a little with the tennis - hopefully he'll enjoy it) this summer. Although he's not very aggressive or competitive by nature, he has fun and he's fun to watch.
Wow - it feels good to get caught up on posting some of these pictures. Life gets so busy, but I always have fun going through the memories we're making as a family!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chats with Clara

Clara gave her first talk in Primary Sunday! She did a great job and wasn't nervous one bit. Preparing for the talk was hilarious-

Mom: "You get to give a talk in church on Sunday! What do you want to say?"

Clara: "I want to tell them that one time Casper threw up on the stairs, and even I want to tell them that one time a live bug like a fly came in our house and Dad killed it..."

Mom: "Oh boy..."

Chats with Chase and Clara

The kids went bowling last week and this is what they had to say about it:

Dad: Clara, did you use the bumper pads when you went bowling?

Clara: No Dad! I used a ball with three holes!

Chase: Alicia got two stikes in a row! One more and she would have had a CHICKEN!

Mom: You mean a turkey?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Rough Morning

Ok, I guess Clara isn't the only one with rough mornings. This particular morning was a doozy! What happened? Aparantly a chunk if ice prevented the garage door from opening all the way, stopping about 18 inches from the top. Not in the habit of making sure the garage door is all the way up I jumped in the car to take Chase to school, backed up and CRUNCH! The top of the car smashed into the bottom of the door. Shocked, I pulled forward and the garage began to close; trapping us inside the garage with a broken door and no way to get out. The first thing I heard was Chase saying "It's OK Mom, everything will be OK. We all make mistakes Mom." I knew right then that crying was not an option; I was going to hold it together and figure it out for my amazingly sweet and supportive son. For the next forty minutes I proceeded to re-arrainge the cluttered garage making room for a 500 point u-turn so I could drive out of the 3rd car garage door. With a prayer in my heart, and help from my neighbor we finally made it! When I dropped Chase off at school (an hour late) he gave me an extra big hug, told me he loved me, and reminded me again that we all make mistakes and that it would be OK. I have never felt more grateful for my dear husband who clearly setting an amazing example for our son. Chase is a sweetheart by nature, but that morning I knew without a doubt that he reacted the same way Brian reacts every time I make a huge mistake (yes I admit this isn't my first or my last blunder).

Rough Morning

Clara wanted to help me make smoothies one morning, and this is what happened. Poor Clara! At least they were tasty...