Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter morning was beautiful and so were our kids (in the eyes of their mother of course). We went with the 'light blue' theme so their Easter outfits could double as wedding outfits a couple weeks later.

Before church the kids inhaled their Easter treats while I did my best to relax and let them. After church we spent the afternoon with the Ebert family which didn't take any effort to enjoy at all!
What cute cousins!

Welcome Spring!

Spring has officially arrived (not to say that it won't snow again) along with our first daffodil. I managed to shoot a picture of it before Clara popped it's head off...

The day before Easter was a bit cold and blustery but we still had a great time dying Easter eggs with friends!

We also attended the neighborhood Easter bash which included lunch, an egg hunt for the kids and a special appearance from a 6' tall bunny.

Clara was surprisingly comfortable with the Easter Bunny.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cove Fort

This is the last segment of "2009 St. George Trip"!

On the way home we pulled off at Cove Fort (Chase: "How many old houses are we going to see?"). Luckily we all found it fascinating, and the missionary who gave us the tour was wonderful with catering to our kids.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snow Canyon

When Brian was a boy his family often spent Conference Weekend at Snow Canyon just outside of St. George. After hearing about his fun memories for years I decided it was time our family tried it out. We had a great time hiking around, enjoying the beauty of God's creations, and listening to General Conference at the same time.
The kids were amazed at the 'biggest sandbox ever' - the coral sand dunes! They had so much fun! It was especially fun that Uncle Todd could join us as he was passing through on his way back to Salt Lake.
One of our favorite ravines to explore was this one. It was incredible!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brigham Young's Winter Home

While we were in St. George I discovered that Brigham Young and I have something in common: we both love to escape the Salt Lake winters! He had a winter home in St. George (maybe someday I'll do the same!) that we toured. The original house was the part you see on the right. When Brigham Young bought it, he added the two story portion you see on the left.

The tour started in a little room where they had a telegraph office. They also taught us about the cotton they grew. Chase looked a little skeptical that his t-shirt could be made out of the same stuff he saw growing on the cotton plant.
Chase enjoyed climbing in the trees. It was nice to let him get a little energy out too.
The Missionary giving us the tour insisted we take this picture of Chase sitting next to Brigham Youngs top hat!

It was definitely more interesting for me and Brian than for the kids - plus they were ready for lunch - but we made it through the tour without too much fuss.

Pioneer Park

On Saturday morning we went to Pioneer Park where we explored the beautiful red rock formations, enjoyed in the colorful flowers, and soaked in the warm rays of the sun.

Chase was on a mission to catch a lizard (he's still mourning the loss of his pug and longs for another pet that Clara won't be allergic to). When it was time to go and he still hadn't caught a lizard he got pretty discouraged. Luckily swimming in the pool at the hotel cheered him right up!

Monday, April 13, 2009

St George day one!

After two weeks of snow storms we decided to bust outa' here and head to a warmer climate. When we got to St. George it was raining a little so we checked into our hotel and went out to dinner at a family favorite: Pizza Factory! Chase loves the bread sticks. After that we visited the Temple Visitor's Center and then went to see a late night movie 'Monsters vs. Aliens'. We all loved the show (Clara even made it through about half of it)!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Dogs Go!

Last week we took our kids (and Lily) to see a little musical for children called 'Go Dogs Go!' performed by one of BYU's acting companies. It was only an hour long (perfect for little attention spans) and they loved it!
They loved going up on the stage at the end to meet the cast. Clara's favorite was the poodle that says "Do you like my hat?" and Chase's favorite was the "green dog" (the only guy in the play).