Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watch out pre-school!

Clara is officially growing up on me! She started pre-school and a creative dance class in September and loves them both. I really enjoy watching her participate in social activities because she is such a social butterfly and has so much fun being 'involved'!
From Clara Preschool
If you have ever wondered what Brian would look like in a dress and pig-tails this is it! Pretty cute.

First day at 'The Little Gray Elephant' Pre-school...

From Clara Preschool

And at her creative dance class!

1st Grade

My little Chase is a BIG first grader! He is so excited about going back to school - all day. I can't wait to see everything he learns and does this year, but I'm sure going to miss him.
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Chocolate Factory!

At the end of the summer break, the kids and I went on a little field trip to the Vie Chocolate Factory. YUMMY!

It was so fun spending the summer with my kids. We truly enjoyed ourselves sleeping in, hanging out at the pool and going on little outings such as the chocolate factory. Chase and Clara are at the best ages right now - I just love spending time with them!

DeFrancis Family Reunion

In August the whole DeFrancis crew met at the Cornwall Cabin for a three-day family reunion! It was a total blast. We pulled off a surprise party celebrating Annie & Paul's 60th birthdays. We also played games, floated home-made boats down the river, did skits, rode horses, made crafts, had a dance party, made s'mores, had a scavenger hunt, hiked, swam, talked, ate, relaxed and more. It was especially fun to see the cousins and what fun they had together even though they live so far apart from one another. And with only one trip to the ER with cousin Elliot we are calling the reunion a huge success. We can't wait to see everyone again (hopefully next summer?)!

Albion Basin

Our family loves to spend time in the beautiful Utah mountains during the summer. Albion Basin is one of our favorite spots to hike, picnic and take pix of the kids. Unfortunately we forgot bug spray and brought several souvenir mosquito bites home with us... we'll not make the same mistake next time!