Saturday, July 9, 2016

Back on the road

Today after packing up and hugging our goodbyes we drove... and drove. Our first stop was to see my Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Liz, Cousin Annette, and her two beautiful children Noah and Isabelle. They live only an hour and a half north of the beach house. I hadn't seen them in so many years, so it was fun to introduce them to my kids, eat lunch together, and catch up on life. 

Then we started the second drive of the day, a much longer trek to San Francisco. We took one quick pit stop but other than that we powered straight through. To help pass the time we stopped by a Redbox, I caught up on some work on my laptop, and we started listening to Harry Potter. The only eventful part of the drive was the wildfire we passed just off the side of the road. There were helicopters and an airplane fighting it along with the trucks on the ground. The flames were so close to the road we could feel their heat. We were just glad they hadn't shut down the freeway (yet) or we'd have been stuck for who knows how long. 

We were all excited as we finally crossed the bay bridge into San Francisco. There's a contagious energy the city emits. And after booking our hotel super late a couple nights ago without doing much (any) research, we were pleased to find out that it's actually in a great location.