Monday, July 18, 2016

Montana and Idaho

With Brian back in Utah for the funeral today (he arrived at 4:00 am!), the kids and I took the opportunity to catch up on a few housekeeping things. After a morning swim of course. The laundry services at the hotel weren't available, so we visited a local laundromat. A first time experience for all of us. Strange as it sounds, it was kinda fun! I'm dreaming of those giant commercial washers & dryers for my own home... We also washed the car inside and out. It still had sand from the beaches of southern California, and mud from the Redwood forest, and more than a few bugs accumulated on the bumper.

After everything was nice and clean we ate lunch and then started the drive to Idaho Falls, where we were to meet up with Brian. Along the way I received texts from Lexee with photos from the funeral services. They were beautiful! Lexee's so good at documenting and sharing memories with the family. I wished I could have been there to celebrate Grandma Betty's life, but seeing how lovely everything was from the pictures made me feel better. I had three hours to think about my memories of Betty. I love her so much!

Brian and I must have synchronized our watches unknowingly, because we pulled into Idaho Falls at the exact same time. We took the kids to see 'The Secret Life of Pets' at the only movie theater we could find. It was a ghetto theater but the movie was cute. Brian is exhausted. I don't think we have to be anywhere first thing in the morning so hopefully he can catch up on sleep!

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