Friday, July 29, 2016


This morning we visited downtown Chicago and Millennial Park. The timing turned out perfect, because it rained all afternoon. There was a family festival happening this week so we had some kid-friendly games to play around with and live music to listen to. And we all know I'm a sucker for live music! Shortly after finishing up a ceremonial Chicago style hot dog for lunch we started driving eastward to Cleveland Ohio. Our original plan was to head north up to Detroit and on to Niagara Falls from there. But after all the fantastic church history sites we’ve seen we decided to stay south of Lake Michigan and drive to Kirtland OH. 

We lost another hour, which made it difficult for the kids to settle down when it was ‘bedtime’ tonight. So we threw them in the hotel pool to wear them out. Chase had fun catching Pok√©mon around the hotel grounds too. I’m starting to have difficulty keeping track of our hotel room numbers, because lately we stay in a different one every night. I accidentally took the elevator to the wrong floor, because I was thinking of the room number for the previous night. My key didn’t work, so I knocked on the door for my family to let me in. At that point I realized I was in a different hotel, staying in a different room. :b 

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