Saturday, July 16, 2016

Coeur d'Alene

Yes! We made it to CDA today,  and it's as lovely as I remember from the last time I visited. Other than that the day itself was quite uneventful. We slowed it way down this morning; sleeping in, catching up on laundry, etc. Clara went swimming for a bit, and Chase called his friends. We didn't leave our hotel till around noon to start driving to Idaho. Despite our slow morning, I still felt wiped out and had a slight headache, so I slept for most of the drive. I had work to do, but every time I cracked my laptop I started dozing off so eventually I gave up. Chase and Clara were also sleepy on our drive. They haven't complained one bit about being in the car, and I think it's because we wear them out whenever we get to a destination. They're perfectly content to drive for several hours listening to an audiobook (we're on Harry Potter 2 now). Luckily Brian was driving because he was the only one of our  bunch today who didn't seem groggy.

No pix today, there wasn't anything worth getting my camera out for. I might have a couple on my phone, if I do I'll upload them later.

I have to say I enjoyed Seattle quite a bit. I'd definitely like to return sometime.

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