Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome Casper

After last years' puppy fiasco (summary: we got a pug for Chase, only to find out Clara was allergic, then had to find the dog a new home, causing Chase's heart to break, and he has been writing her love letters ever since), we again took the pet plunge. We researched 'hypoallergenic' dogs (thank you Obama for making the world aware of such breeds) extensively. Then we narrowed it down to the breed we wanted; Mineature Schnauzer. I also threw in my own requirement: no puppies. I don't do potty training, or obedience training, or chewing, or hyperactivity; I have children to keep me busy with all of those things! Finally we found the perfect dog, and we brought him home just before Halloween. In honor of the holiday, and because he's a shiny white/silver we named him Casper. He honestly couldn't be a better dog, and we're SO happy to have him!
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Monday, November 9, 2009

More Halloween

Looking back at these Halloween pix, I can't believe how much we did! As the kids get older, holidays get even more fun. We had a great time carving pumpkins with our neighbors on Thursday (Brian did most of the carving). Then on Friday I put on a Halloween party for Chase's class after the school 'Costume Parade'. It was a little stressful (I didn't sign up to be the head room mom, but I'm doing my best), but Brian helped a lot. Clara was SO sad that she had to go home when the party finally got started. And on Saturday our ward put together a really fun 'trunk-or-treat' carnival. The weather was perfect which was a miracle considering it had snowed most of the week. Chase's favorite part was the doughnut on a string contest and playing Star Wars with all his buddies who were also dressed as Jedi's. Clara's was the cake walk and eating all the candy she could get her sticky hands on!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Carnival

Our neighborhood had a really fun Halloween carnival the Saturday before Halloween, which was awesome because our kids were dying to wear their costumes and couldn't wait any longer! :) Of course Chase's Luke Skywalker costume wasn't finished yet, so he had to put this makeshift one together himself.

They had pony rides,

lots of yummy treats, (I'm not a big frosting girl, but even I couldn't resist the Kneaders famous sugar cookies)

Halloween Bingo, face painting,
pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating and more!
The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Picking Apples

We decided to go to a cute little apple orchard near our house and pick apples for Family Home Evening. It was FREEZING!

We all had so much fun!

Especially Brian who wasn't satisfied picking the apples within his reach. Apparently the ones at the very top of the tree taste much better!

Delicious! Now what do we do with all of them? :D

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St. George... Again!

Just as the weather threatened to get cold we escaped to St. George. It's becoming one of our favorite 'short trip' places, and thanks to friends and family members who have vacation homes down there it's funner than ever! We hung out at two awesome parks, played Bocce Ball, shopped and golfed and swam (the usual) , and most importantly relaxed. There were a few things that threatened to disenchant our vacation; Clara threw up all night the first night and was a little grumpy the next day, I biffed it hard on Chase's scooter - totally embarrassing myself in front of my kids, Brian (Mr. sunburn) forgot his hat and had to pick up a total trucker hat at the Maverick on the way to the golf course (it was hilarious!), but we couldn't help but have a great weekend anyway.

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian turned 32 at the beginning of October! We celebrated at our house with all of his family. It was a Mexican themed party/planning session for our upcoming Ebert Family Christmas trip to Cancun. We had quesadillas (thanks to Heather and Dan for bringing the amazing quesadilla maker), 7-layer dip and our favorite limeades. I made a 'Mayan Ruin' birthday cake for dessert. It was fun! Happy Birthday Bri, we all love you so much!

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