Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mothers Day

I had the best Mothers Day this year! The festivities began on Saturday, with Brian taking me out to eat at the Trellis Cafe at Thanksgiving Pointe! We sat on the terrace overlooking the gardens and enjoyed a beautiful and delicious meal. I absolutely love Thanksgiving Pointe - it's really one of my favorite places on Earth. It is even more spectacular during the Tulip Festival which happens every year for a few weeks in the spring. Anyway - Bri left plenty of time after eating to wander and enjoy the gardens and was especially patient while I took pictures to my hearts content. After a couple hours my allergies were completely out of control (they have been a lot worse this year than ever before) so we went to part two of the date: the movies! Sounds a little anti-clamactic I know, but considering we hardly ever go to the movies it was quite a treat. On Mothers Day morning I was woken up with breakfast in bed, complete with homemade cards from the kids. Chase even made me a paper airplane all by himself that he colored with hearts. What mother doesn't need one of those? Then we were off to a full day with a mission farewell for Bri's cousin Scotty, a b-day party for Todd, a phone call from Kyle (who's on a mission in Peru) and a lovely family dinner with the Eberts. Whew what a weekend! Thanks Michelle for watching the kids while we went on our date, and mostly thanks to Bri and my beautiful kids who make my life so wonderful and adventureous! I love you guys!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chats with Chase

Mom: What did you learn about at school today?
Chase: Mammals
Mom: Oh, great! What is your favorite Mammal?
Chase: hmm... YOU! You're a mammal Mom - did you know that?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Day!

Zack And Kylee's wedding at the Mesa, Arizona Temple on Friday, April 24th was amazing! The beautiful bride and the giddy groom were so happy together. The weather was perfect too (you never know about spring in Arizona - it could be 60 or 106). Mostly it was wonderul to be in the temple with family and loved ones and feel the special spirit that was present during their eternal sealing. We were told the kids didn't do too bad waiting outside either (even though we forgot the fruit snacks!) I feel so lucky to have Kylee as a sister-in-law. She fits seamlessly into our family. Way to go Zack!

Monday, May 4, 2009

26.2 Miles!

We are SO proud of Brian for running a MARATHON!

He trained for sixteen long weeks - soldering through many cold, early morning runs, sore muscles, ice packs, late night runs, stiff legs, cortisone shots and even more runs.
Brian finished in 4 hours, 43 min. with Chase joining him for the final stretch. Although he was physically spent, he smiled the whole time!
The kids were real troopers as we trekked to various 'Celebration Stations' to cheer their dad on. The first place we saw Bri he was running faster than his originaly planned pace and was looking great. We saw him again at 20 miles and could tell he didn't have much energy left. Chase said "mom, why is dad running slower?" I replied "dad has been running since before you woke up this morning!" Chase was shocked and then said "I wish I could run a little bit for him so he could stop and rest." He's such a sweetheart. I didn't try to explain that Brian was running by choice not by force, because I know he would have asked "why" and that's something only a runner can understand.
Congratulations Bri - we love you!