Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day Four: The Beach

Despite my red stinging skin lingering from yesterdays sun I still couldn't pry myself away from the beach today. This morning I practiced yoga on the beach and taught my niece and nephew tree pose. They made cute little yogi's. At lunchtime we walked along the beach and to the end of Oceanside pier to eat at Ruby's Diner, a family fave. I've been looking forward to their Oreo milkshake for weeks! Then we walked all the way back (which is why I felt like I could justify the shake)... Anyway, after lunch I put my swimsuit back on and laid by the beach for hours. Every hour I applied more sunscreen and told myself I should probably go inside, but the ocean kept me there. I'm listening to the Serial podcast right now, which I'm sure also had something to do with my refusal to move. And Brian was gone golfing this afternoon, otherwise he definitely would have dragged me inside.

Tonight we suffered the inevitable aftermath of Clara going on several days with not enough sleep. Last night was probably the latest she stayed up, but that didn't stop her from getting up early again this morning and playing hard all day. So the meltdown tonight wasn't a huge shocker.

Chase also stayed up late last night watching Jaws with Todd. He says he enjoyed it! He was up texting us till after midnight last night. He slept in this morning and also took the longest nap out on the beach today (I had to wake him and send him inside after 1.5 hours because I was worried about sunburn). He's turning into a teenager right before our eyes.

Brian is still swollen from yesterday's burns.

Clara and her sand mermaid tail
One giant piece of kelp Chase dragged in from the ocean.