Friday, May 28, 2010

Before and After

This is Claras favorite outfit; she wears it at least three times a week and would wear it every day if I let her! Although it's a summer dress, she managed to wear it all winter too with leggings and snow boots. I seriously have no idea why she loves it so much but she does. Anyway she's had it forever (it's size 24 mo. and she wears a 4T now), but every attempt I made to dispose of it, or at least put it in the 'too small' bin resulted in serious tantrums. So I decided to cut off the straps and turn it into a skirt. I'm not much of a seamstress, but luckily it was an easy project. Also lucky for me - she loves the skirt version as much as the dress version. Fhew!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

USS TeamEbert

It's no secret that Chase has a little bit of an obsession with constructing make-believe things out of boxes, paper, tape, sticks, paper towel tubes, etc. I have to replenish our supply of duct tape as often as I have to buy a gallon of milk around here! So it was also no surprise when Chase wanted to build an aircraft carrier out of a box for an FHE acticity one night. I thought I should probably document the event since it's so typical of what goes on at our house. I loved how Chase wrote the numbers for his countdown on the control panel backwards, but my favorite part was when he got to zero and we all threw our paper planes into the air! Silly...

St. George in March

We were lucky enough to visit St. George twice this spring, the later trip with Bri's family. Chase learned how to build a tower of cards and Clara learned about caterpillars!

Chats with Clara

We were visiting Kimmy and Brad's ward on Sunday for their baby's blessing, and Clara said "This is Kimmy and Brad's church, but they're letting us borrow it today huh?"

Chats with Chase

Mom: Chase, you can come downstairs when your [extremely messy] room is clean and your pajamas are on.
Chase: Got it.
A few minutes later Chase appears...
Mom: That was fast, is your room really clean enough that I can walk around in there?
Chase: No it's still a mess but don't worry; everything on the floor is soft stuff so you can still walk around.