Friday, July 22, 2016

Kansas City!

On this road trip we have weaved in and out of time zones and climates. At first it was the warm breezy coast, then the cool breezy coast, then the arid climate of Yellowstone and the Black Hills. Now we’re in the muggy Midwest and the heat wave they’re having is no joke. We visited the waterfalls in Sioux Falls this morning and the humidity was nearly unbearable. It felt like a hot yoga studio! Showering this morning was probably pointless.

We’re beginning phase 4 of our trip; full of church history sites, starting with Winter Quarters and then Kainsville, Council Bluffs. I have a little tie to the Winter Quarters temple. When I was doing my internship at the Church Office Building in the temples department, I worked on the Winter Quarters temple. I especially remember selecting art and wallpaper for the brides room. It’s a teeny temple next to a pioneer burial ground, and it has a very sweet spirit. Across the river we visited a re-constructed tabernacle where we learned about important events in the early church.

My sister’s home is about two and a half hours further south, in Kansas City. They’ve lived there for several years, but we’ve never had a chance to visit them. We were so excited! The Hobbs family is cool in every sense of the word. Their house turned out to be everything I imagined. Kirsten has a very distinct, lovely, personal style, and is a classy DIY’er – a rare breed. When we walked in, my two and a half year old nephew was jamming to Queen.  There were ample art supplies, legos, and an olive topiary. Brian and I stayed in a room with two drum sets and three electric guitars among other music instruments. Their delightful home is like a think tank where the creative juices are always flowing. All four of my nephews are bright and talented in their own ways. My sister can be seen whirling around the kitchen creating a gourmet recipe, or making a bunny hutch, or hugging a squishy baby, or preparing a church lesson, or sorting bags of donated clothes for a local charity. Our only disappointment was that we missed Max, who is visiting his parents in Idaho. 

It will be fun to stay put for a few days and let the kids hang with cousins and spread out a little.

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