Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Moving right along to Memorial Day weekend... it was a busy one! Brian went on an early morning bike ride in preparation for a century he was training for. We met up at his parents house for breakfast with the whole fam. I got a speeding ticket on the way... the first one in years! Bummer. The kids sure loved it though.

After breakfast we visited historic Wheeler Farm with Bri's family and enjoyed being out in the beautiful sunshine. Wheeler farm is great because it's in the middle of Salt Lake yet it feels like you're in the middle of the country. There are random ducks and chickens wandering and they have all the usual penned farm animals as well. I love the huge trees and pretty ponds. I also love that it's free!

The kids love the tree-houses, feeding the ducks, and going on the tractor pulled hay ride. For a holiday, it was perfectly pleasant and surprisingly under-crowded.

It's amazing Clara still has all her fingers after shoving them through every cage she saw! The animals must be well fed.
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