Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. George

Just before school got out we took a trip to St. george with some friends. It was actually a work trip, but the work part consisted of throwing a party (my kind of work) and was over by the end of the first day. The rest of the weekend we got to play!

We stayed in an amazing company owned Villa. It was actually a little too nice for my sweet little children's sticky fingers, so we tried hanging out in the pool as much as possible. Nothing to break there!

We also checked out a new spot in St. George called Pirate Island Pizza (and just found out there's one opening here in Orem this month!), kind of like a chuckee-cheese's with a slightly better menu and ambiance. The kids had a blast. They got SO worn out that they all had a melt down on the way back to the villa. It was so dramatic it was hysterical.

This is Chase making his best "ARGGH" pirate face. Intimidating I know.
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  1. I definitely want to check out the pizza place in Orem - let me know when you want to go.