Saturday, August 8, 2009

Savoring Summer

It's no small secret that summer is - well, the best thing ever here in Utah. It's just hard (I think impossible) to mess up. We managed to make it even more exciting by setting up a little play group for Chase and his buddies from our old neighborhood. Adventures in the backyard followed by Popsicles is a good summer day.

I had to take a picture of my Iris' in the back yard too because I'm still shocked that they grew and bloomed. I got some tiny little starts from a friend two years ago, and they have turned into this! Now I know Iris' are notoriously hearty - easy to grow and thrive yada yada yada... But I am notorious for killing plants and was thrilled as ever to know that I can grow something! Yeah!

Clara is just about the cutest, stubbornest, most amazing little person ever. I love watching her enjoy life to the fullest.
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