Sunday, August 16, 2009

Field Day

After a whole year of being too busy to volunteer in Chase's class (and hearing about it every time another kids parent volunteered) I decided to step up for field day. It was my last opportunity for the year and I had to make it up to Chase. The woman who called looking for volunteers somehow didn't inform me that field day is for fourth, fifth and sixth graders only. So I took Chase to his class wearing athletic clothes and a water bottle instead of a backpack. "See ya on the field!" I said to him as his teacher gave me an odd little look. (I assumed she was just shocked that I was actually volunteering for something.)

I was assigned to the long jump station which was the coveted station because it was in the shade of the portables. I think they felt sorry for Clara and her incredibly fair skin - which I played up a little to seal the deal. Anyway, after two and a half hours of writing down long jump scores and not seeing Chase anywhere, I realized our luck might have run out. I started asking around to the other volunteers and sure enough: kindergarten doesn't participate in field day! Are you serious?!? First I felt like an idiot, then I thought about all the things I could have gotten done that morning other than field day, and most of all I wondered how poor Chase was feeling. After two more hours of score taking (Clara was a champ but even her patience was long gone) I finally got released from my duties and could pick up Chase. His teacher had put his things in a little grocery sack designated for slacker parents who forget to sent their kids with backpacks. Twist the dagger! He was confused - I was sorry... so we had snow cones and talked and all were happy in the end.

Looking back on last years daily hectic mayhem I'm so grateful that I am done working. I'm excited to volunteer on a regular basis in Chase's class this year, and who knows maybe I'll actually get it right! I already signed up to sell school t-shirts on back to school night so we'll see how it goes.
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  1. I would have assumed that all the grades got to participate also! Although a snowcone does always make things better

  2. I'm sure you'll be the best t-shirt-seller in the history of the pta you slacker. goodluck!