Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was on our little trip to St. George that Chase decided to find a wife. If the engagement works out, in about the next 16-20 years this baby will be my new daughter-in-law and Dave & Jill will be Chase's in-laws.

Chase has always loved baby Georgia (he really loves all babies, but has a special place in his heart for this one). While sitting on the couch at the Villa playing with her, he asked her mom "Jill, will Georgia be an adult when I'm an adult?" "Yeah" Jill responded - not really sure where this was going. Then Chase said in all seriousness "Good, then I want to marry her. I love her." At that moment Lily, Georgia's older sister screamed "YOU CAN"T MARRY HER! YOU HAVE TO MARRY ME!" When Dave, Georgia's dad found out about the proposal, he made it very clear that he didn't want Chase anywhere near either of his daughters! Way to go buddy.
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  1. Skye and I have kids picked out for our kids and we now realize how smart parents were to do arranged marriages! :) That's cute the Chase is love struck. She's a cute baby. I don't blame him!

  2. Awesome Chase, as usual!!!!
    Hugs GGJC

  3. Is he not the sweetest little thing ever? That's so cute! Hey, if Dave isn't letting him around Lily or Georgia, he's welcome around Ava :)