Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Our family had a fabulous Thanksgiving in St. George - SO relaxing in fact that I didn't take a single picture! I can't believe it, but seriously that just goes to show how laid back I was feeling. We went with the whole Ebert clan and stayed at a beautiful home equipped with anything and everything. You'll just have to imagine Chase and Clara hanging out in the hot tub, playing pool or air hockey, or spending time in the amazing 'play house.' And you'll also have to imagine the delicious food, the guys golfing, the Black Friday shopping, and the afternoon napping. And even though it hit record breaking low temperatures, it was much more pleasant than what we were escaping in Salt Lake. Our only incident happened on the way home when we hit a nasty blizzard. Our usual 3.5 hour drive turned into a 9.5 hour drive (no joke)! Fortunately we traded vehicles with Bri's parents who left the day before, and ended up with a 4 wheel drive truck with chains instead of our little CNG Civic (which never would have made it). Our kids were amazing though (maybe they were fascinated by all the cars sliding off the road) which we were so grateful for. And even though we'd never choose to be in that situation again, it was good practice for our upcoming drive to AZ!
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  1. I love the 2 pictures you did post,
    beautiful family shot, and also the one of Chase. I am so glad you all got home safely from your trip. I called Diane several times
    to check on your progress from St George to home.
    Love your family lots,
    Hugs, Grandma Cornwall