Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Language of Their Own

You know how sometimes kids say something that's completely incorrect, but is so cute that you can't bear to correct them? This post is inspired by Clara's latest little mix-up. She has very sensitive skin and is constantly irritated by seams, tags, and any other itchy, stiff or uncomfortable clothing. Lately she's started to describe her discomfort as 'boring.' She knows boring is a negative term, but apparently doesn't know what it really means. For example, if the seam on her socks or tights is slightly out of place she says: "These socks are TOO BORING!" She often complains about 'boring' sweaters, jeans, dresses, jammies, and even told me in the store the other day that her underwear was boring. She would love to walk around naked if she could... and come to think of it life would be a lot less boring if we did!

As for Chase, my sister recently reminded me of something he used to say when he was two that I had completely forgotten about, but it used to make me almost cry with laughter. He switched the words 'don't' and 'can't' and also used 'huh?' instead of 'OK.' So when he was going through this little two year old rebellious stage, every time we asked him to do something (like put on PJ's or go to bed) he'd yell "I can't wanna, HUH?!" It was especially funny because he'd be so serious, so upset, and always emphasized the 'HUH!?' at the end. We couldn't help but laugh, and then he'd get even more mad and say "STOP LAUGHING - HUUUHH!?" Hilarious.


  1. Clara & Chase, what sweethearts.
    I always love to hear about them.
    Hugs, Grandma JC

  2. Too cute!!! I wish I wrote EVERYTHING down so I didn't forget things like this

  3. Cute stories! Clara's boring comments made me laugh. Gotta love that language stage.