Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ellas Art Festival

The cute seven year old next door, Ella, decided to put together an art festival to raise money for the local women's shelter. She invited all of the children (and adults) in the neighborhood and at school to submit their art. Then she hosted an art show, and everyone who attended brought donations for the shelter.

Chase wanted to make a Christmas themed sculpture: A Snowman Jack-In-The-Box. Let me just say it was more difficult and time consuming than either of us anticipated it would be. Maybe because it was our first experience with paper mache (not as easy as it looks), and maybe because our wire wasn't strong enough (we had to call in Brian to help) to hold it up. But in the end Chase had a wonderful sculpture to submit.
While I was busy helping Chase with his art, Clara was left completely to her own devices. She of course wanted to make art for the show too, so she gathered her supplies and got to it. When I finally looked over and saw what she made I couldn't believe it. I know I am her totally biased mother, but seriously - this girl has some creativity!
Her first piece she called "Santa with his bag of toys" - and she taped a red balloon on for the bag. Genius!
And this is her second piece, which she called 'Sunset' -made with glitter glue, crayons, cut paper, and paint. Again, considering she had no help from me whatsoever I am amazed at what she came up with. I'm so proud of both my little artists!


  1. I am totally speechless. What talented, creative, adorable,
    loveable, etc, etc, darling children. (well not exactly
    My mom, their artist great-great grandmother would be thrilled to see Chase & Clara's art work.
    Many hugs, great-grandma Cornwall

  2. P.S. kudos to Ella for such a wonderful project.
    J. Cornwall