Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chats with Clara

Clara: Where did you go tonight?

Mom: I went to the Temple

Clara: Was Jesus there?

Mom: Yes, he was there

Clara: Did he walk with you?

Mom: Yes, he did

Clara: What did you wear?

Mom: I wore white clothes and white socks

Clara: Was Jesus teaching people?

Mom: Yes, he was

Clara: Was he teaching you how to tie your shoes so you don’t have to wear white socks?

Mom: No, he was telling us how much he loves us, and he told how much he loves you too

Clara: Mom, you take me to that exact temple tomorrow so I can see Jesus and he can tell me he loves me and teach me how to tie my shoes. And Mom, is it still going to be white day tomorrow at the temple or a different color? I have white socks, so I hope its white day.

Mom: (Wishing more than anything that I could take Clara to see Jesus tomorrow) How about we go to church tomorrow instead, and you can wear your white socks there.

1 comment:

  1. My dear Clara, this conversation brought a big smile and tears to my old face. What a precious soul you have.
    Much love from GGM Cornwall