Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Chase!

Chase had a very special birthday this year: he turned eight! We had a family party for him at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He got several fun gifts, but I think his favorite was an Ant Farm. The kid sure does love critters!

These are things we love about Chase:
- He's an early riser: We're talking between 5-6am! This was difficult when he was younger, but now that he's old enough to fix himself some breakfast, play the Wii, read a book, get dressed, play LEGO's, etc. we love it! We never have to get him going in the morning.
- He's got a heart of gold: I've never known a sweeter boy. He loves to serve his family!
- He listens to his parents: Most kids think their parents are clueless - which he might think someday too - but as for now, he actually listens to our advice and does what we tell him to do. I'm so grateful for that!
- He sets a good example to his sister: We never worry about Clara following in Chase's footsteps.
- He is a good friend: Deeply loyal and lots of fun, Chase loves his buddies and they love him too!
- He loves to read: Chase can read a 'Magic Treehouse' book in one day and gets so excited about trips to the library.
- He has the best imagination!: Truly inspiring, Chase tells great stories and has amazing ideas!
- He loves school and is a good student: Chase went through almost a depression when school ended this year. He truly loves everything school has to offer; structure, learning, friends, books, math and more.
- He dreams big: If only we could make some of his grandiose dreams reality...
- He travels well: we can take him anywhere!

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  1. LOVE this little guy!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your new family picture!!