Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toothless Vampire

Chase had two wishes come true this week (none involving pet dragons unfortunately)! First, he lost a tooth at school - meaning he got to go to the office and get a super cool 5 cent plastic treasure chest to keep it in 'till he came home. He's been waiting for two years for this to happen and of course he was thrilled when it finally did. I can just picture him walking through the halls with an ear to ear toothless grin, carrying his prized treasure chest.... hilarious. And this is what he looks like with out his two front teeth. Pretty ironic that he was a vampire for Halloween!

Second, Chase got a red dollar sign stamp on his hand at lunch indicating that his account was out of money. This just goes to show how much I love my son, because it was very difficult for me to let this one happen. I typically would have deposited more money to his account at least a week before it ran out. I even casually said "hey I'm just gonna send a check to the school today for your lunch" more than once, but Chase was adamant that we let the money run out so he could get the crazy stamp. He really wanted the stamp on his forehead (don't ask me why he thought they would do that to a child) but had to settle for it on his hand instead. He also brought home a letter explaining that we had a .30 cent negative balance, and outlining how we could sign up to receive government subsidised lunches! I about died laughing - .30 cents! (Thanks Barack, but that won't be necessary) Anyway, this morning I went in to the school and added more money to the account and the lunch lady told me she'd never seen a kid get so excited about the hand stamp. She said Chase yelled 'Finally!' when she put it on his hand. I really hope he enjoyed the moment because that's the last time we're letting the lunch account run out. :)

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  1. I'm glad Chase got his tooth treasure chest, and stamp on his
    hand. What a creative mind!!!I expect great things from him!!!
    Love Grandma JC