Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Zack!

So my Baby brother is turning into an old man!

We had a little painting party at his new apartment in Provo, but took a break to celebrate his birthday too.

This is my second experience making a cake with fondant icing, and I'm learning more about it each time. This time I learned that it turns to super glue when wet, so don't assume you can put a little black 'soccer patch' on and move it into position. Oh no, once it's made contact it's not going anywhere.

His cute wife Kylee helped pretend to blow out candles... because I forgot to bring a lighter. And a knife to cut the cake (we used forks) and cups (we passed the pop around and took swigs from the bottle - we're all family right?). Happy Birthday Zack!
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  1. Great job on the cake! I can't believe you big your kids are getting! Call me next time you are in town, please! ;)

  2. You quit your job, start working for the PTA and become a domestic godess with fondent experience. WoW. I just joined the PTA committee too, but haven't even gone to a meeting yet. Great cake though!