Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in AZ

The first few days of our visit to AZ were sunny and warm. We went to the zoo, spent lots of time outside at the park, skate park, on walks, etc. Christmas day was also incredible! Thanks to Skype we were able to connect with all our far away family. We even met some long lost family members (second-third cousins?) for the first time! It was really fun for me to do the traditional Christmas activities that I've grown up with since as long as I can remember, and share them with my kids too. Unfortunately the good weather didn't last forever, and it got so cold it SNOWED on us (yes, in AZ)! We had taken the kids to Apache Junction to an old mining town - it was super fun - but hadn't expected the frigid temps and definitely not the snow. What a memory. Another highlight: the AZ science center. The trips lowlight: the kids got sick (seems to be an AZ tradition in our family) for most of the last week we were there. We replaced some of our original plans with games of battleship and guess-who, watching movies, taking naps and relaxing. I had planned on taking Brian on a two-day getaway to Sedona, but with the kids getting sick it ended up to be a shortened version. There was no shortage of fun though. We went on the 'Pink Jeep Tour' (awesome!) and hit one of the hottest restaurants in AZ: Cafe Elote (wow) while Oma & Grandpa Paul tended the sick kiddos. The 11 days flew by and we can't wait to plan our next visit!

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  1. Wonderful photos!! Among my favorites: Clara asleep in the box, Chase "holding up the "Chase
    field house" sign, and the awesome organ. Do they have silent movies, while someone plays?

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Grandma Cornwall