Sunday, October 3, 2010

Smith & Moorehouse Lake

The first weekend after school started we took a family camping trip to Smith & Moorehouse Lake. It's such a beautiful spot in the world! We had scheduled the trip and reserved the site back in May, so even with threats of inclement weather we decided to go for it. A storm chased us up the canyon and the minute we pulled into the camp we flew to get the tent up and fire started - trying to beat the rain. I tossed our pre-made tin foil dinners on the fire while Bri worked on the tent and all our scrambling paid off! We ate dinner warm and dry under the 'porch' of the tent as the rain poured down around us. It continued to pour and pour all night - which was fine because we were in our tent. But then the lightening and thunder started. We woke up the kids and ran through the rain to the car to avoid being struck by lightening and it became a very cramped and uncomfortable situation before long. Eventually the storm cleared so the dog and I went back to the tent to spread out and get some sleep. No such luck! Within 20 minutes the storm was raging again and the lightening was on top of us - so we ran to the car once more. In the morning we were stiff and sore and still tired from the sleepless night. But by 10 am the storm had officially cleared and we were excited to have a fun day together. And a fun day we had! We fished, hiked, played cards, took a nap etc. It was sunny and warm (at least by afternoon) and dry! We watched the sky closely because Brian and I did NOT intend to spend another stormy night in the car, but it remained pleasant. After roasting hot dogs and smores over the campfire we enjoyed a restful nights sleep in the tent with no interruptions. Overall we had such a great time and made some fun memories - storm and all - on our family camp out. Even after two nights the kids still didn't want to come home! We will definitely have to make it an annual event.

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  1. Hi wilderness family. What an awesome tent. With a front porch, fantastic. Looks fun, glad the rain stopped for the second night.
    Glad you all had a good time.
    Hugs,Grandma C