Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The BEST restaurant in town!

Chase loves to play pretend, dress-up, act, etc. One of his favorite characters to assume is a waiter at a fancy restaurant. He goes to great lengths to get the kitchen/nook area spiffy, make a sign for the restaurant, an 'open' sign for the front door, even designate where the bathrooms are. Of course he doesn't forget about the classical music and even decorates according to the theme of the restaurant (Pirate Island Pizza was the most elaborate - with pirate hats, a burned and rolled parchment paper menu, spider webs and parrots and buried treasure decor... I get tired just remembering it!). He then carefully hand writes the 'menu' for the evening with illustrations and all. And then the fun begins, and usually goes something like this:

Dinner: Act 1
(under the direction of Chase)
Mom: Lets eat out tonight - I heard about a great new restaurant called Eberts!
Dad: Sounds good to me.
Chase: (wearing his basketball clothes) Oh shoot, I have a basketball game tonight. Sorry, I'll have to miss dinner. (Exits right, changes costume into his church suit and tie, with hand towel over arm and slicked back hair)

Dinner: Act 2
The family arrives at the restaurant. Chase proceeds to display the menu, take orders, fill water glasses, and bring out meals. After we are done eating our places are cleared and our waiter excuses himself. Shortly after, Chase changes back into his basketball clothes, goes outside and comes back in again as Chase... not kidding.

Dinner: Act 3
Chase: (Coming in from the front door) Hey! How was dinner? I won my game 3-2, it was awesome.
Family: Great! We had the best waiter, so sorry you had to miss it.
Chase: I hope you left him a good tip! Wink-wink.

I seriously love that kid! :)

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  1. I predict Chase will go far in this life. WOW
    Love, grandma jc