Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three years old!

Clara turned three on March 9th! We had a fun family party for her and let her dress up like a princess (her favorite thing) for the occasion. All day she told me how much she loved the cake, and the decorations - it was so sweet! She was surprisingly more thrilled with the party and the people than the presents. Amazing. I wonder how long that will last? In fact, we gave her one present at the party but had some more to give her on her real birthday. But seeing how she cast them all aside at the party we haven't had the motivation to give the rest of them! Maybe I'll save them for Easter at this point... Anyway, it's almost unbelievable that three years have gone by so quickly. We sure love Clara and the fun she brings to our house. She's such a joy to be with and we are so grateful she's a part of our family!


  1. Clara is an adorable Princess in Pink!!!! She looks so happy. What a fun birthday for her. Her cake is beautiful. All best wishes for her birthday #3.

    Luv & Hugs, GGMA JC

  2. That was such a fun party! everything looked so cute! this was my second birthday for her! She's gettin' so old!