Saturday, March 20, 2010


We've started taking advantage of the community center's youth sports programs - Chase's latest was basketball and Clara is in gymnastics. It's so fun! Clara sometimes likes to do her 'own thing' and gets in trouble for climbing up on the balance beam or bars when no one is looking. We watch from the observation room above and just laugh because she's all over the place; dancing and prancing without a care. Hopefully she'll learn to focus at some point, but for now I don't mind her three year old antics.
Chase had to receive the most improved player award for basketball. He started out the first couple games with no clue what was going on. He'd run the ball the wrong direction on the court, and start doing 'jedi' moves out of the blue. It was hilarious! Our favorite was when he'd stop to look up at the clock and cover his ears 30 seconds before the buzzer rang because it was too loud. Luckily by the third game he started to get the hang of it, and by the end of the season he was really quite competitive. Miraculous. :) We can't wait to see what Baseball brings next month!

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