Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome Casper

After last years' puppy fiasco (summary: we got a pug for Chase, only to find out Clara was allergic, then had to find the dog a new home, causing Chase's heart to break, and he has been writing her love letters ever since), we again took the pet plunge. We researched 'hypoallergenic' dogs (thank you Obama for making the world aware of such breeds) extensively. Then we narrowed it down to the breed we wanted; Mineature Schnauzer. I also threw in my own requirement: no puppies. I don't do potty training, or obedience training, or chewing, or hyperactivity; I have children to keep me busy with all of those things! Finally we found the perfect dog, and we brought him home just before Halloween. In honor of the holiday, and because he's a shiny white/silver we named him Casper. He honestly couldn't be a better dog, and we're SO happy to have him!
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  1. Congratulations on your newest addition! I'm surprised that your Star Wars fan didn't insist on naming him R2D2, Stormy (after the Storm Troopers), or Ton-Ton ( after the furry, white creatures from the snow planet, Hoth). I hear schnauzers are fantastic pets, friendly, and really smart. Can't wait to hear all about his little personality. Welcome Casper!!

  2. (this is allyson)How Exciting! Now our dogs will have to play together. I'm glad you could find one that fit your family perfectly.