Monday, November 2, 2009

St. George... Again!

Just as the weather threatened to get cold we escaped to St. George. It's becoming one of our favorite 'short trip' places, and thanks to friends and family members who have vacation homes down there it's funner than ever! We hung out at two awesome parks, played Bocce Ball, shopped and golfed and swam (the usual) , and most importantly relaxed. There were a few things that threatened to disenchant our vacation; Clara threw up all night the first night and was a little grumpy the next day, I biffed it hard on Chase's scooter - totally embarrassing myself in front of my kids, Brian (Mr. sunburn) forgot his hat and had to pick up a total trucker hat at the Maverick on the way to the golf course (it was hilarious!), but we couldn't help but have a great weekend anyway.

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