Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chase's End-of-school performance

Chase's elementary school had a little 'multi-cultural' dance performance at the end of the year (yes I'm playing catch up from back then!). His class did the Hawaiian Islands and it was so cute!

This was obviously my first year attending a school function because I had no clue what to expect. I got a babysitter for Clara and arrived thirty minutes early (quite proud of myself for being so on the ball) and headed to the gym assuming that's where it would take place. Wrong - it was outside. Shoot! I should have brought sunglasses and some sunscreen - it was a HOT day! I got out there and saw a sea of mismatched camp chairs with only a handful of people sitting in them. "Odd" I thought "I wonder why the school is using random camp chairs rather than the typical multi-purpose folding chair." I took a seat on the front row... until I heard "uh-hum!" A not so amused woman informed me I was sitting in her chair. Aparently it was a 'bring-your-own-chair' event and most parents had set theirs up the night before. Sweet, I had no chair. I shuffled to the back of the rows and stood on the asphalt for the next two hours making my mental checklist for next year: Chair, Sunglasses, Water bottle, Sunscreen (possibly an umbrella?) and a magazine for the lengthy 'transition' time. By the time Chase is in 6th grade I will have this DOWN! And I'll just smile at all the confused kindergarten parents wandering around looking for a seat. :)

This is Chase with his wonderful teacher Mrs. Scoville. She truely made Chase's first year of school great!
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  1. That is Hilarious! The stresses of being a mom..... How are you supposed to know these things?!

  2. I can't believe it, no chairs for the parents? Erin you're a great mom, to stand for two hours, in the
    hot sun. Chase is the luckiest!!!!
    He looks so CUTE in his "outfit"
    Hugs to you both, GGJC