Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines in Vegas

I did it! I've been planning to surprise Brian for valentines day for a while now and actually pulled it off without him finding out before the 'big reveal'. Kim & Brad joined us (as you can see from the photos below). We left Saturday morning wearing Las Vegas t-shirts from Old Navy that Kim and I picked up to add some humor to the drive down.
We got caught in traffic on our way into the city, and thought for sure we'd miss our dinner reservations at the Venetian. Then we found out there was a time change when we crossed the border - so we made it! Whew!

After a fabulous dinner we went to see the Blue Man Group -a show Bri's always wanted to see! I thought it was pretty random (like the huge amounts of toilet paper being passed over our heads) but very entertaining.
Poor Kim had a nasty cold, but she hung in there and managed to have fun (the mountains of toilet paper in the show came in handy). After the show we went to the Belagio to watch the fountain show - my personal favorite part of 'The Strip.'
Although the trip was quick it was really fun, and we know the kids had a blast while they hung out with Heather and Dan at home. Thanks SO much you guys for tending the kids (and cats and dog) for us while we were away. We will totally reciprocate whenever you're up for it! :)


  1. You guys are so very welcome!! We are glad you had fun!!

  2. You and Brian look like you're both 20. It's sick.....you should feel lucky.