Thursday, January 29, 2009

January update

Welcome to blog spot! Sorry Grandma C. and everyone else who might think this change in platforms is annoying. Trust me: I think it's annoying too. But come January 2010, when I'm publishing this into a book, the change will (hopefully) all be worth it!

Anyway, we've had a busy month so far and here are some highlights:
Lets start with Chase's Jedi Training. It all started when his friend went to Disneyland to be 'officially' trained as a Jedi, and even fought with Darth Vader. This friend informed Chase that he wasn't really a Jedi, nor could he be unless he had the same training. Then we had fun task of breaking the news to Chase that no we could not afford to fly to California and go to Disneyland just for Jedi Training! But thanks to some help from the Internet we found a 'real' Jedi Certificate. Brian became the 'Jedi Master' and taught Chase 14 Jedi moves - straight from the movies - that he practiced religiously. Then we wrote a letter to the 'Jedi Council' (delivered by the same mail man that delivered Santa's letters ironically) and included some pictures of Chase's 'moves'. The 'Official Jedi' certificate will arrive any day now. The best part: it only cost $8.00!

Later in the month we had the best surprise: Steve decided to come for a visit! And he brought his girlfriend Christen which made the visit even better. Time was short, but we managed to fill it with some fun activities. We tried out Cross Country skiing and although it was pouring rain we still had fun! Note: it was clear that the DeFrancis' aren't exactly natural born cross country skiers, but thankfully Brian and Christen were patient!

Then we got to see all the pictures from their trip to Guatemala over the holidays. It looked like an amazing adventure, filled with wonderful experiences and memories. Thanks so much for coming you guys, we loved seeing you!

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  1. You guys are so cute! We love your little family. We have been anxiously waiting for the New Year's updates. Dan says,"Rock On" to the Jedi training! He hopes he can be that good of daddy too.