Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chase is 7!

They say 7 is a lucky number, and they must be right because Chase's 7th birthday was the best ever! For breakfast he got sugar cereal, a rare treat, and then opened his presents. One of them was a live caterpillar/butterfly kit. The caterpillars had arrived in the mail the week before, and started forming cocoons after a few days. We had wanted Chase to be able to see the whole process so we let him in on the present early. He was so excited, he checked on them every day. Then on the morning of his birthday the butterflies started hatching(?) out of their cocoons! All but one of them came out on his birthday and the last one came out two days later on the morning of his party. How lucky is that? Anyway, later that day we went to Utah's newest water park 'Cowabunga Bay' with some friends and had a blast on the water slides and in the lazy river. We even went to McDonalds for Dinner, per Chase's request. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! A couple days later we had Chase's 'How to Train Your Dragon' party. My Mom, sister and I had made cute viking cupcakes that we gave each of the kids with their invitations. At the party the kids wore viking hats and decorated viking shields - then Brian chased them around the yard with 'dragon fire' silly string. They took turns shooting down the dragon pinata with Chase's nerf bow & arrow and played 'Hiccup Says.' And then there was the cake. On it was a viking ship sailing next to an island/volcano. Out of the volcano flew 'Hiccup' riding his dragon 'Toothless.' The best part was the roman candle which was stuck in the top of the volcano. Once lit, it created quite an exciting explosion of fireworks! Chase was in heavan. After the party Bri left on a scout campout and the kids and I went to another water park to beat/enjoy the scorching heat (for the record, I love it). After that we met up with friends for dinner at Zupas. We were all pretty much exhausted after all this fun, but managed to find enough energy to head down to Provo for Zack's last BYU soccer game. We love watching Zack play - Go Cougars! Needless to say, we slept the rest of the weekend!

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