Monday, May 4, 2009

26.2 Miles!

We are SO proud of Brian for running a MARATHON!

He trained for sixteen long weeks - soldering through many cold, early morning runs, sore muscles, ice packs, late night runs, stiff legs, cortisone shots and even more runs.
Brian finished in 4 hours, 43 min. with Chase joining him for the final stretch. Although he was physically spent, he smiled the whole time!
The kids were real troopers as we trekked to various 'Celebration Stations' to cheer their dad on. The first place we saw Bri he was running faster than his originaly planned pace and was looking great. We saw him again at 20 miles and could tell he didn't have much energy left. Chase said "mom, why is dad running slower?" I replied "dad has been running since before you woke up this morning!" Chase was shocked and then said "I wish I could run a little bit for him so he could stop and rest." He's such a sweetheart. I didn't try to explain that Brian was running by choice not by force, because I know he would have asked "why" and that's something only a runner can understand.
Congratulations Bri - we love you!


  1. Congrats Bri!! that's so awesome!!

  2. That is an amazing accomplishment. Way to go, Brian!

  3. Congratulations Brian!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!
    Love & Hugs, Grandma Cornwall :)

  4. Wow! I'm impressed. I don't even like running down to the mail box.

    Good for him!